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Filtering the Noise in 2017

| January 05, 2017
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How much do you remember from one year ago?  

Do you remember that January of 2016 started off with a 10% correction in the S&P 500 (and bottomed out on February 11, down 10.51%)1,2?

Do you remember that January 7 saw the Chinese stock market hit two circuit breakers (government implements used to tame volatile markets) in just 14 minutes of trading, causing their largest market to close for the day, down 12%?  The Dow dropped nearly 500 points and the world was sure the Chinese market was on the brink of going bust3.   

Do you remember that crude oil closed below $27 dollars a barrel on January 20th4?

In the moment, these bits of bad news can seem insurmountable.  It can seem like the global market (and our personal portfolios) is heading into a crisis from which it can’t recover.  We start to worry about our retirement and our kids’ futures and our family businesses.  I took plenty of calls from worried clients during January of 2016, which is exactly why I am here.  You can always call!

But that is just noise.  It’s just the news that is interesting in that moment, and it will fade as new stories replace the old.  24-hour cable news networks make us think these stories are more important than they are and fill us with useless information that will never amount to anything.

Is your current financial advisor filtering the noise?  Or are you a small fish in a big pond?  Maybe it’s time to move to a smaller firm, where your advisor doesn’t just have knowledge of your portfolio, but knows about you, your family and your goals.  

Call me.  Get to know me.  And I promise to get to know you and help you filter the noise.  

PS - The US economy grew 3.5% in the 3rd quarter of 20165.  


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