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Core Beliefs

A Culture of Trust and Understanding.Trust is the most important element in a relationship and we understand it must be earned and not taken for granted.

We are committed to listening to our clients and understanding their objectives. This knowledge will serve as the foundation in the development of a plan to address your financial goals.

A Philosophy of Independence and Teamwork. We believe a collaboration of like-minded individuals makes us more productive as we work harder -- and smarter -- to serve our clients. Oaks Wealth Management seeks to leverage our experience and resources ensuring we provide a well-rounded portfolio of services for our clients. We believe our team approach allows us to remain independent while still providing a diverse set of solutions.

Commitment to Process and Client-Focused Service. In our experience, firms with comprehensive processes and technology in place are able to work toward achieving goals. At Oaks Wealth Management, our technology partners provide tools that allow us to work together with our clients to make suitable decisions.

While tools and processes are important, service remains our number one priority. While technology has replaced many aspects of service in today’s society, we realize the importance of a personal relationship with your financial advisor. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the best technology and tools available to make informed decisions and also believe in the significance of phone calls and face-to-face meetings.