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At Oaks Wealth Management, we understand the importance of relationships -- whether they be with family, money or risk -- and this is why we emphasize learning everything we can in the early stages of our relationship with you because it is important to pursue your goals. Our clients ARE our family.

We want to learn about your history and previous experiences, your likes and dislikes. We'll discuss strategy and expectations. Before we ever make any recommendations, we'll talk about your risk tolerance and comfort level. We'll meet annually to ensure you are where you want to be and that we are still on the same page. Our goal is to build your portfolio one investment at a time.

We have a number of tools at our disposal to help us along the way. We'll perform a qualitative risk assessment and go through the steps necessary to craft a financial plan unique to your wants and needs. Our approach is a holistic one that creates the most opportunities to pursue your goals and strives to exceed your expectations.