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Accumulation Phase

Chapter 1: Accumulation

Clients in the accumulation chapter of life primarily seek our services for two reasons: 


  1. Fear and anxiety of being behind in savings and investing, and they want to get financially prepared for the future 

  2. Their assets have grown in size and complexity, and now they must get more advanced professional financial advice 


The accumulation chapter of life may be filled with lower incomes, savings, and investing amounts, but it is full of important life decisions. More financial, professional, and personal decisions will be made in this chapter than in any other. Establishing a relationship with a trusted advisor will pay dividends well into the future as you grow financially and emotionally in the life and career you’ve always imagined.   

Learn more about how we work with our clients as they earn, save, and grow their assets for the future. Learn more.   

Pre-Retirement Phase

Chapter 2: Pre-Retirement

You are 5 to 10 years away from retirement and the stakes of the game are different. There is no more room for error. 

Clients generally approach us during this chapter because they have mastered the earn-and-save chapter of life and now have new concerns. Nearly all pre-retirement clients want to know if they have saved enough. The second most frequent reason to seek our help is a desire to maximize estate, tax, investment opportunities and to consolidating and simplify account holdings. The third most common reason pre-retirees reach out to us is because they received an inheritance and or are they are being offered a retirement package from their employer. 

​We help you navigate the answers to your most pressing questions: 

  • ​Am I on track and do I have enough? 

  • How do I financially make the most out of my last years of employment? 

  • Should I plan on a part-time job after retirement?

  • How do I turn my growth focused portfolio into something safer as I get closer to retirement?

  • Should I pay off my house or place more into my retirement accounts?

Let us show you how we serve our clients as they approach this high-stakes financial phase. Learn more.

Retirement Phase

Chapter 3: Retirement

Retirement is a life game-changer and often means vastly different things for different people. For some, it means never earning another paycheck. For others, it’s the beginning of a second career. Together, we will work to tailor a plan that meets your unique retirement goals. 


We’ll consider the following as they relate to you specifically:


  • How much can I live on without running out of money?

  • How do I turn my growth investments into income?

  • Social security strategies specific to your goals. 

  • Retirement asset drawdown strategies to reduce taxes and fulfill RMD.

  • Estate and tax planning and coordination.

  • Develope relationships with spouses and heirs to ensure a smooth transition of financial assets. 

While you focus on living your best life, let our team build a financial plan for you that keeps you in the game for the long haul. Learn more.


Chapter 4: Divorce

However you find yourself in this chapter, young or old, (baby boomers are divorcing at higher rates than GenX or millennials), or man or woman (women get divorced nearly three times the national average), we know how to give you the personal and financial advice you need.  

We consider the follow as they relate to you specifically: 

Pre-divorce or actively in-divorce planning  

  • Asset selection strategy 

  • Emotional support and guidance (Financial Therapy) 

  • Current budgeting/planning during separation and forecast post-divorce 

  • Personal and financial negotiating strategizes and concepts 


  • Account set up and asset movement guidance 

  • Emotional support and guidance (Financial Therapy) 

  • Budgeting with near and long term retirement planning  

  • Career or goal planning (Financial Therapy) 

Our financial therapy-led approach to planning and advice allows us to support and empower you during this difficult life transition. Let us know how we can serve and support you during this time. Learn more.

Chapter 5: Loss of a Partner

In our 20 years of working with clients and money, we have been to many client funerals, established countless estate accounts, worked through stressful probate issues and lawsuits, and correctly dispersed and received tens of millions of dollars in inherited assets to heirs. Working with the money is the easiest part of the process and what many advisors tend to focus on. We focus on both the money and the family. 

We see the individual and the family as an integrated system that has lost an important character to their story. Identifying and learning new things during this time can be overwhelming. Through our financial therapy approach, we make sure you have time and space to process any grief or trauma and adjust emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and financially.  

Nearly all clients will need specialized help and support on the same financial topics, but we found breaking them down into two domains – clients with minor children and clients without minor children – allows us to be laser-focused regarding those critical decisions. 

We consider the follow as they relate to you specifically: 

  • Budgeting planning and tools based on new realities 

  • Annuity, pension, and life insurance payout guidance 

  • Real property and investment assets advice and possible management  

  • Tax preparation and filing options 

  • Probate support and establishing new/updating estate plans 

  • Social Security Administration navigation 


The loss of a loved one is always difficult, but the death of a spouse is one of the most complicated and traumatic. Wherever you are in your story, we will meet you there and give you the space and time to heal, and provide the encouragement and support to begin your next chapter in life. Learn more.

Loss of a Partner
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