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Oaks Wealth Management - Houston, TX

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How We Serve

Our commitment is rooted in our philosophy of principles-based service.

A Culture of Trust
Principles: Humility, Transparency & Reality

Trust can only happen in truthful and transparent relationships. With our clients and our internal business partners we place an extremely high value on these core principles of honesty and transparency. Often the truth is hard to say and hear.  Our commitment is to give clear, plain-spoken, honest answers.     

Independence Married with Teamwork
Principles: Humility & Goals

We will always be in consultation with our partners at Strategic Financial Concepts.  With over 20 advisors and support staff, SFC has the experience and knowledge to provide a full suite of financial advice. 

Commitment to Process
Principles: People & Goals

A Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) is a leftover from Jon's time in the service. Relying on these processes allows us to deliver complicated and unique financial planning service to all of our clients in an orderly and easily understandable way.  We have built these SOPs over the years and will continue to develop them to ensure consistent customer service. 

Client-Focused Service
Principles: People

Technology will never replace personal relationships at OWM but can be used to enhance it.  Our tools may help guide our financial planning decisions, asset management selections, and increase the number and types of communications (be sure to follow us on: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).  We will always be committed to being reachable by phone and will provide at least annual face-to-face meetings with all our advisory clients. Our philosophy is to let technology do what it does best: crunch large amounts of data accurately and quickly. Giving us humans more to listen and better understand our clients' needs.  We have found understanding our clients' goals and fears leads to happier and healthier client relationships. 

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