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PAFT Program

Planning | Advice | Financial Therapy (PAFT)

Planning and Advice includes:

  1. Comprehensive financial plan (Money Guide Pro)

  2. Psychometric based risk tolerance assessment (Datapoints)

  3. Secure client portal and dashboard (Advyzon)

  4. Online budgeting tools and coaching

  5. Goal specific financial education to increase your financial wellness and reduce financial stress and anxiety (Financial Therapy)

Financial Therapy includes:

  1. Explore your personal Money Scripts

  2. Dive into assessments that shed light on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money

  3. Unpack your family of origin money story

  4. Discover your attachment style and how it affects your financial decisions

  5. Build listening and communication skills to help you navigate stressful financial situations and conversations

  6. Develop proven tools and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety around money

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