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Oaks Wealth Management - Houston, TX

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Why We Serve

  1. Because it is in our blood.
  2. We’ve seen it done right and how it can positively affect families' lives.
  3. We want the joy that comes from having 10, 20, and 30-year relationships with our clients.
  4. Because if we always do what is best for our client – it will probably work out in the end.

I have seen it done and I've seen it done right. I am second generation financial advisor. I grew up watching my stepdad help widows, families, and business through every market fluctuation.  Forged by these extreme life moments I witnessed business relationships turn into friendships. The daily interaction working with my dad for the nearly eight years prior to launching Oaks Wealth Management help solidify the principles with which we now serve our clients. There would be no Oaks Wealth Management without my father and the many life and business lesson I learned from him.

A lesson from him that has served me well: If you always do what is best for the client, almost everything will work out in the end. Address mistakes immediately -- no mistake has ever gone away on its own and most mistakes are compounded by trying to hide them or wait them out. Identify, work to resolve, and own up to all issues.

Since 2002, our experience -- ranging from a two-man father-and-son shop all the way to Bank One and JP Morgan Chase -- have helped refine the how, who and why we serve.