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Oaks Wealth Management - Houston, TX

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Asset Management

We offer two types of Asset Management strategies: Custom Portfolio and Asset Allocation Strategy.

Custom Portfolio

Starting at a minimum of $500,000 we build and manage discretionary portfolios tailored to the client’s individual risk tolerance and time horizon. We find, because of complexity and increased overall cost to the client, this type of portfolio could best suit those individuals in the pre-retirement or retirement phase. Our extensive experience in building high quality, reliable, income-producing portfolios is the primary reason we recommend this option.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Starting at a minimum of $100,000* we choose from one of more than 50 leading money manager strategies from BlackRock, Morningstar Investment Services, S&P Investment Advisory Services, Russell Investments and more.  Whether you are interested in actively managed mutual funds or ETFs and Index Funds, we can select a strategy that fits your risk profile and goals. We find these strategies are less complex to manage and keep overall costs lower to the client – ideal qualities for portfolio management for individuals and families in the accumulation phase.

*exceptions to minimums can be made on individual basis.