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Fee-only financial advice in Houston, TX


Financial Planning | Advice | Financial Therapy

We require all clients to complete a financial plan. Our decision to require financial planning is a result of monitoring the progress and success between those that complete a plan verses those who just come for investment advice.

It is the planning process, rooted in Financial Therapy, where your money story comes alive.

We then dug deeper to find out why some clients achieved or exceeded their goals when others struggled. We found those clients that focused on the planning ‘process’ and where fully engaged in building the financial plan had the best outcomes.


Our conclusion was merely completing a financial plan hardly moved the needle when it came to meeting or exceeding client's personal goals.


We are passionate (codeword for crazy) about helping our clients understand their money story. Our financial planning process integrates Financial Therapy and the exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money. It is from this deeper understanding of money we are able to build a financial plan that is truly in line with their values and beliefs.


Our goal is for our clients to have a healthier more balanced approach to money, so that their current or next chapter is not filled with stress and anxiety, but happiness.

Process + Financial Therapy = lasting success

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